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About Me

I am Geraldine..

New Zealand X Philippines

I’ve got a keen interest with anything girly such as fashion, beauty & icons.

The thought of blogging started in 2012 but never got the chance to do it continuously; I got bugged out with life circumstances.. hence, I had an old blog running from 2017. So there are some of my life archives, and on this new webpage more content is coming; hoping to keep up with an update.

**To be fair enough I am just caught between this COVID crisis, still at home; as it would be a sweet time to visit along untended affair with blogging

What more about me:

I am 30 years old and yes I was born in the 90’s.

I’ve been a pollo- pescetarian for 8 years now; I am happy with my diet

I am the eldest of 3, I’ve got 2 annoying brothers but I love them <3

I am living my life alone away from my family; I enjoy it and it’s a privilege!

I love watching YouTube videos

I am a Roman Catholic, but not that active on church TBH!

I was born in Austria, raised in the Philippines and currently living in New Zealand; where to next? I am a global trotter, I promise!

I am into skincare at the moment serum, mask and hydration lotion name it

I was caught with anxiety and depression when I moved to New Zealand back in 2017; luckily I overcome it!

I am Moody? yesss! Bipolor? occasionally. Human? 50% in my natural habitat.

Ahhmm, maybe that’s it for now! You can know me more in my upcoming post…