As much as I can, I don’t wanna start on a negative note. But since this is my thread I’ll just write it anyway. It’s been a wee while since I last posted. I think May was the last one and now it’s July. I should keep up more on posting here on the website.

… To begin with, there’s a lot that is happening in my life right now that isn’t helping me. People take you for granted, plans that aren’t working accordingly, and winter season on the horizon. Those are some of the situations that are making me feel worst. I still have 10 months left in New Zealand sad as I have to leave my established friendships here but happy as I don’t need to deal with some of the situations that are making me really sick.

Earlier after work, I went home have some dinner. Then I realized I miss having coffee and cake so I visited the coffee shop near me which closes at 10 pm. I ordered a decaf hazelnut latte and carrot cake. YUM! I was thinking of visiting that coffee shop once a week. And work on my blog in there coz that place has a nice ambiance. I wanna do it more during summer,just couldn’t wait for the month to pass by until Ill resign at my job. Don’t get me wrong I love my job and I am blessed that I have it amidst of this pandemic that’s going on but I don’t think that it’s giving me any justice anymore.

Anyway moving on to that work sesh! Let’s talk more on a positive note. I did my shopping and my parcel arrived. I’ve got new stuff to have pictorial again. Mind you I don’t shop a lot, but, recently I have been spending way out of my budget because I am a bit stressed and depress. Therefore I was thinking maybe I can give my self a little treat which I am happy.

How was your day been.

*location: castle hill

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