My Skincare Stash

My Skincare Stash

I just turned 30 recently. Yeah, I know we are not getting any younger here! And that means I need to step up my game when it comes to skincare. I started using anti-aging facial wash when I was 25 if my memory serves me right.

Until now, I am still on search with the most condensed skincare that would fit my palette. The markets saturated with different brands and products that are being invented, its hard to choose which is which.

Here, I share skincare product that works for me now.

Make up remover

Garnier Micelar Cleansing Milky Water & Neutrogena towelettes night calming

  • When it comes to makeup remover, I usually depend on the Neutrogena ones most especially when I am on my lazy nights to do full-on night skincare. Another plus is the fragrance it is so soothing and calming.
  • I used the Garnier Milk Micellar after the wipes when I am in the mood.


I do mask twice a week I often used the Kiehl’s masks as it leaves my skin so soft after rinsing it. All of these masks that I used has pore cleaning or purifying agents it could help in declogging pores to avoid zits and acne.


For the meanwhile, I am using 2 types of serum that comes from the same brand. The Buffet and Granactive Retinoid both claim to have a solid anti-aging solution and helps balances the ph level of the skin, a vital requirement for my regiments. The Buffet serum is water-based, I used it twice a day. The Granactive Retinol uses advance retinol to double up its anti-aging result. It is an emulsion formula, and better to be used during night in a small amount.


If you wonder why 3 of them. I just wanted my skin to feel hydrated all the time. I like using lightweight moisturizer. I can say that Celeteque is the lightest of them all followed by Simple and Ordinary. For reference, my go-to moisturizer is the Simple one.


Sunscreen is known to have a delaying factor for early signs of aging due to sun exposure. Basically, The Heimish artless glow base doesn’t just act as a sunscreen but as a moisturizer with glowing effect – “glass skin“. And the texture is different from your ordinary sunblock this has a moisturizer/lotion consistency. I used this as a base before makeup or just as it before leaving the house. The La Roche Posay I used it on my body and face as well. This comes in a spray and also lightweight formula so it’s not as patchy and too much sticky when you apply it into your skin.


The face mist I used has collagen and hyaluronic acid as the label speaks to its self; preserve youthfulness and provides moisture. I love using it before and after makeup giving me a definite glow and makeup stay longer. On rare days I also used this during night after serums.

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